She Fights


She’s screaming out loud

No sound

No one can hear her

Her head bangs back and forth

Music flares into her consciousness, filling her

Everyone looks her way

No one can see her

She’s hurt beyond repair

Her heart has no more ways to break

No one is listening

People are all around but

No one is here

Her life has been full of sorrow

She’s been lost for so long


Real pain

Her body has shriveled and her soul has wept

What do you do when you have lost all faith?

Her nights are full of bursts of anger and regret

She doesn’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel

No future to hold dear

No fond memories to propel her forward

She draws. She writes

Putting down on paper what is hard for her to formulate into words outspoken

No family to speak of

No friends to speak to

She’s all alone

All alone

The familiar burn of liquor running down her throat

The familiar burn of cigarette scarring her lungs

She knows him, she’s been here before

Curled up beside her worst fear

Door slams

Cold outside

Raindrops hit the top of cars

“Tink Tink”

“Tink Tink”

She’s home again

Back to her own personal hell

Scolding water doesn’t drain the way she feels

She puts her head on the pillow

She knows

No matter how bad she has it

The one thing that will not waiver

Is her fight

She will fight

She won’t go so easily



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