Last Prayer

Heavy heart

No way in sight

Tears are flowing

No reason to fight

Head down

I have no pride

My legs are numb

My soul has died

He loves me

And I love him too

If this is what love is

Then I guess I’ll be the fool

He’s drunk again

Tongue casting hate

What have I ever done

To deserve this fate?

I’m his to own

No possession worthless

I have no willpower

I slip further in the abyss

Days are dark

The sun won’t appear

My life is done

My end is near

I’ll go without struggle

I’m no fighter at heart

Just wanted to love him

But his love has ripped me apart

So I say my goodbye

I welcome the death

A quiet prayer leaves my lips

” Please, Lord forgive me”

As I take my last breath


One comment

  1. isabel · December 29, 2014

    loved it


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