This is a poem that I did for my creative writing class. It has to do with the chaos that surrounds us that we have become accustomed to. We as a society don’t even notice the bad anymore, it’s a part of us. It’s normal to see murders and violence on television every night. Of course, there are good things in this world. This poem focuses on the bad. For the people who will say ” Why focus just on the bad?” I just have to say ” Why focus just on the good?”   Hope you like it.

Sally Mann


Drugs, Alcohol, and Sex

Police brutality and living in the projects

Climate Change and War

Only 1 percent has all the money while the rest are poor

Violence and Greediness

You lock us up/ kill us but expect obedience?

Abuse and Murders

We want the truth and you try to quiet our reporters

Guns and Homicide

Who are we to trust when our politicians are run by bribes

Death and Cancer

We are yelling at the top of our lungs, but we receive no answer

Religion, Gangs, Pollution

Abortions, Rape, and Prostitution

Poverty, Racism, and Fornication

Pride, Lust, and Castration

Why do we fight for the world that isn’t ours?

Just to say we broke the law and be placed behind bars

Why do we think that there is good in those we surround?

When in the middle of injustice, they don’t make a peep not a sound

Why do we try?

When we are living just to die.



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